• Grameen Camp Higher Class

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    Should high school mean only academics? Or should a day outing mean only fun? Or can it be both?

    That's why we at grameen camp have designed a one day outing for high school class students which is both fun and learing.the first half of the day is filled with loads of fun playing rural games which are being rapidly forgotten.athe second half is for getting close to nature and learning several things.
    Students are introduced to channapatna organic painted products organic farming vermicompost spraying non toxic medicine plants etc.
    They will also learn about different trees, the kind of care they need,etc.they are also taught about how long a tree lives and approximately how many fruits they bear in a life time etc..
    They also taken on a village tour where they question farmers about what crops they grow and learn about their farming methods and the challenges they face.
    By doing this exercise students will learn to appreciate the farmers effort in bringing food to our table.

    When you block a date with us for your school children, prior to the trip we give out a paper with few questions all related to the activities/experience they shall have at Grameen camp.after the trip children are allotted a time frame to submit their project report to the concerned class teacher. living.

  • Grameen Camp for families and Corporates

    A day outing specially designed for families and corporates Grameen Camp makes you have fun with a novelty. Forget the same old paint ball or the swimming pool. Get down to basics and play team building activities the desi way. Get close to mother earth and do some farming. Kite flying ( Seasonal) pottery making, Channapatna bead making the traditional way, tractor ride and much more!

  • Grameen Camp for Junior & Middle School

    A one day outing specially designed for children from 1st Standard to 7th standards.Grameen Camp introduces them to aseveral fun traditional ruralgames,provides a glimpse into village life,pottery and organic channapatana toy making and also gives insight into the many Ayurveda plants,fruits trees etc..the children can see farm animals play on the manyt jungle gyms.we also introduce them to many fruit and vegetanleplantation.the high light is the bumpy fun tractor ride to a babyan tree where they can swing and play games.

  • Grameen Camp pre nursery

    Why keep small children who are still learning to speak and walk properly be locked in the four walls of a class room? Children as young as 2 6 years like to spend time outdoors in nature freely. Bring them to Grameen Camp where they can see and feed domestic animals such as cows,sheep,goats,hens,ducks,fish and more. Let them play with some clay and go a nice tractor ride. Keeping in mind that they are very small we have designed a package for the tiny tots for a few hours (Depending on your comfort with or without snacks)