Kavitha Lankesh, a national award winning film maker has ventured into a new and novel project called Grameen Camp. First of its kind in India, Grameen Camp gives you a glimpse of a farm, village and its life style.


    Unlike the regular resorts, Grameen Camp tries to introduce forgotten and traditional village games and village life to you once again! Nowadays children and adults are so busy behind computers, ipads, video games, television etc they have forgotten to enjoy nature and natural games.


    Those who are not children or so not young anymore are so busy with hectic work pressures they have forgotten the simple pleasures of life. Get nostalgic, revisit those idyllic childhood days when all you needed were friends and voila- A game was played or created!


    This is NOT a trip to a RESORT where you have green lawns but are not expected to roll on it, or rain dance to the latest Bollywood numbers.
    This is simply true back to NATURE!!


    Pl Note: Entry restricted without prior booking.


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